One company that has taken advantage of the legislative change is Invest Green USA. In a collaborative effort with Industry Giants like The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, GW Pharmaceuticals, and the Cronos Group the leaders at Invest Green USA help to guide in the future of cannabis stocks, recognizing and capitalizing on the rich potential of this growing industry.  

An Eye for the Future

Not only is the American cannabis market booming, but the global environment is as well. Now that cannabis is legal in 33 states for medical use and in 11 states for recreational use, entrepreneurs and established companies alike have honed in on the opportunity to jump into the industry. Among those gearing up for the impending industry growth is Invest Green USA. In partnership with CanaMedic, Invest Green USA prepares investors to enter the market with six different Ground Up Programs, each of them guaranteeing profits. Members will subscribe to a 3-, 6-, or 9-month investment strategy for the development, cultivation, and distribution of:

  • Medical and recreational marijuana
  • Hemp
  • Cannabidiol

The U.S. legal cannabis industry is projected to reach a total value of $75 billion in 2030. For both medical programs and adult-use programs, legal cannabis sales are expected to grow at an annual CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14%. Forecasts show that the industry is set to reach a value of $30 billion by the year 2025. These numbers demonstrate that the time to invest is now! 

About the company

Experts at Invest Green USA will perform daily analyses and refer to a model portfolio to review opportunities for cannabis investments. They then make this information accessible to everyday traders to make their investments using the following strategies:

  • Pure Play. Direct investments into a company in the marijuana or hemp industry. 
  • Indirect. Invest only in established companies that have gradually entered the market. 

When investors do not have the time or resources to get the necessary data for informing market-related decisions, they can rely on the collaborative leadership of Invest Green USA and CanaMedic. Become a member today to reap the advantages of having access to the guidance and market proficiency of the experts at Invest Green USA.

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Jacob Newman Leads Invest Green USA To Create New Opportunities

Due to relaxing legislation, opportunities for investments are booming. Companies like Invest Green USA, headed by the expert investor and aspiring politician, Jacob Newman, are leading the way in maximizing market opportunities to take part in this long-awaited industry growth. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast or aspiring entrepreneur, it’s time for you to take advantage of the expertise of investors at Invest Green USA.

Jacob Newman

Renowned Investor and Aspiring Politician, Jacob Newman

Jacob Newman is renowned not only for his involvement in Invest Green USA but for his position as the CEO of Kingmaker Productions and his wealth of knowledge on cryptocurrency. Newman has always aimed to welcome the everyday person, wealthy or not, into the world of stock trading and market investments. This ideology of equal opportunity for all has partially influenced his aspiration to one day become the President of the United States.

Newman continues in his entrepreneurship in the creation of Invest Green USA, uniting with the following programs along the way to create long- and short-term programs for new investors:

  • Canntrust
  • Hexo
  • Aphria
  • Cronos Group
  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation
  • GW Pharmaceuticals

Now in direct partnership with CanaMedic, Newman aims to recruit more day traders into buying and selling cannabis stocks, so everyone can learn to generate wealth for themselves.

The overarching goal of Invest Green USA is to inspire everyday traders to realize their full economic potential within the scope of the cannabis stock market. Both new and established businesses alike are flooding into this market, as opportunities for investment emerge every moment of every day. Invest Green USA offers students 3-, 6-, and 9-month plans to learn and perfect their investment strategies. Through these programs, educators ensure that each participant is equipped with the most effective tactics to capitalize on market opportunities.

If you have been seeking your opportunity to enter the cannabis market, now is the time to jump in. Experts predict that the U.S. legal cannabis industry will reach a total value of $75 billion by the year 2030. All the while, projections of legal cannabis sales are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CGR) of 14%. Conditions are perfect for you to realize your goals and get a jumpstart on your investments starting now. Get in touch with the experts at Invest Green USA, or their collaborator, CanaMedic, today.

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Jacob Newman Sells Majority Stake and Dives into DeFi Market Amid Massive Hype

2020 has seen the digital asset industry continue to evolve for the better, the year witnessed the sudden growth of a now multi billion dollar decentralized finance arena and a massive surge in DAOs. Renowned investor and former CEO of Invest Green USA Jacob Newman adds more momentum by bringing to light a specifically designed wealth creation vehicle he’s modeled after the early years of Bitcoin.

Jacob Newman, the entrepreneur and investor, who began his business career by investing in digital asset startups, is now making a huge splash into the defi arena. In a recent interview on Startup Fortune, Newman shared his plans to sell the majority of his shares in Invest Green and re-invest his proceeds into a new cryptocurrency (pioneered by Newman himself), being lauded as ‘The American Bitcoin’. 

Part of Bitcoin’s (and any other digital assets) charm, is the decentralisation of wealth (hence DeFi – decentralised finance). There is no middleman, and nobody skimming off the top – it’s a genuine currency. Newman’s new DeFi venture is not just another smart move from the serial entrepreneur, it’s part of something greater.

Wealth redistribution is part of his mission to change the USA for the better, and his aspirations as a politician fit into this nicely. With a decentralised banking system, people would be able to use money more efficiently. Jacob Newman’s new investment is an impetus for all the American people to follow suit, and gives those who missed the cryptocurrency boom a chance to profit – but this time profit the USA simultaneously, and bring millions to the masses.  

This would be an investment to make and hold, while the full supply is released in increments – mimicking the model and success of Bitcoin. While most outside of the cryptocurrency industry are unaware, a $100 investment in Bitcoin ten years ago would be worth over 200 million today. Newman’s model aims to replicate the economics and enrich as many people as possible.

His dream is to restructure the shoddy banking system in the USA and restore control to the wider population. Currently, the government is in tens of trillions of dollars’ worth of debt, and with a heavy tax system, it has created a huge waste of money for the people, and ultimately their efforts.

A quote from Thomas Jefferson comes to mind here: “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people under the pretence of taking care of them.” Newman just might be the maker of this future.The full launch and name drop are expected in October 2020, with an eye at launching on major exchanges in early 2021.

For more details about the project (or Jacob Newman’s intelligent initiatives) or a chance to enter into the presale, follow @jdnewman89 on instagram.

DeFi Boom Causes Invest Green Founder To Sell Majority Stake & Enter Crypto

2020 has been a year of change for the digital asset sector. It has been particularly so when it comes to the DeFi sector, which has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in the past few months. The year has seen a massive surge in DAOs and Jacob Newman, a renowned investor, has been paying attention. He recently announced that he was joining the DeFi Sector.

Jacob Newman Enters the DeFi Sector

Jacob Newman, the former CEO of Invest Green USA, has added momentum to the DeFi sector by highlighting a wealth-creation vehicle modeled after the early days of Bitcoin. Newman is an investor and entrepreneur who began his career in the business world by investing in digital asset startups. He now plans to make a huge impact on the DeFi sector, which will start with the bold move of selling his majority stake in Invest Green. Newman plans to deploy the proceeds into a new coin that he pioneered, called “The American Bitcoin.”

According to a recent announcement, Newman states that part of the appeal of Bitcoin is the decentralization of wealth. He notes that there is no intermediary skimming off the top. The new DeFi venture that Newman will launch is part of something greater, according to the investor. 

The Newman Mission

Newman has a mission of wealth redistribution, which will change the US for the better. His aspirations as a politician fit well into this mission. The announcement notes that a decentralized banking system would make it possible to use money more efficiently. 

According to the announcement, it would be a long-term investment. The full supply would be released over time, mimicking the Bitcoin model. The announcement noted that if someone had invested $100 a decade ago, it would be worth over 200 million today. His model will replicate the economics of Bitcoin, and help people further diversify their capital into another deflationary asset. 

Newman has a dream of restructuring the banking system in the US and restoring control to the population. The announcement noted that the government had tens of trillions in debt and a heavy tax system. As a result, money continues to lose its value as time progresses.

Moving Forward

The announcement concluded with a quote from Thomas Jefferson which talks about a happy future for Americans if they can keep the government from wasting their labors. It proceeds to state that Newman could make this aspiration by Jefferson a reality. The name drop and launch will take place around October 2020. it will then launch on major exchanges by early 2021.

Source: Instagram (jdnewman89)

Like any other project in the DeFi space, it is important to take precautions before investing in a project. The details are scanty right now, and assessing the project is difficult based on the early maturation. However, Newman provided an Instagram link where those interested could follow up on developments through his page.

It is difficult to assess Newman’s track record based on companies like Invest Green being private entities. According to the companies website, Invest Green helps educate people on trading cannabis stocks. Despite there being no mention of Invest Green being registered as an advisor, Newman still saids on his Instagram bio that he is managing $50 million in assets. It is unclear what type of vehicle he is using to manage assets of such size. 

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New York businessman and researcher Jacob Newman talks about the long-term of American politics

It’s no secret that we’re living in tumultuous political times in our country right now, as historians say we’re more divided than ever when it comes to reconciling political differences. The left and right have moved both in their respective corners that any type of replacement or constructive ideal today is possibly more unlikely for the industry. Fortunately, there is a motion of Americans seeking higher positions, hoping to break the chain, say goodbye to career politicians, and put strength back in the hands of other people, what the founding fathers were looking for it to be. At the beginning of this package is Jacob Newman, CEO of Kingmaker Productions, a monetary education company designed to help the common person be informed to invest while encouraging them to remain politically and monetaryly aware of their environment. No stranger to breaking the mold and going off the beaten track, Newman was one of the leading providers of cryptocurrency on social media, using it to promote its political platform that includes advocating for the United States to refrain from the existing foreign banking formula and the debt crisis. Array For Newman, other people deserve to settle for nothing less than a government run through other people, BY other people. Moving Newman is a component of the developing elegance of populists, willing to be a direct channel for genuine Americans who have been excluded from political discussions and legislation, while lobists, career politicians and paid corporations run the country. Proving that it has a center and a spirit for all, with the aim of an equivalent distribution of wealth and representation for all, these are some of Newman’s founding political pillars in his campaign:

Newguy is a new type of political candidate, with an exclusive attitude and a practical vision that makes him an honest leader. He is not a politician, lobbyist or fast talker; rather, he’s an entrepreneur, an investor, a researcher and a type of herbs born to people. He plans to continue serving his network as an educator and influencer, as he strives to mobilize more populist masses tired of how things are today. Being an American means challenging the prestige quo, that’s precisely what Newguy is doing. He believes that the most productive way for America is to protect its constitutional rights, adhere to its conservative principles, and adopt moderate liberal policies and ideals that can help unite our country as they move forward and preserve our history.

More main points about Jacob Newguy’s business adventure can be discovered in the media

Hope for the Future: One Man’s Revolutionary Aspirations in Trying Times

Hope for the economic and political future in the United States is a sparsely available commodity. Not for everyone, however. Change is driven by tenacity and an appreciation and understanding of one’s community. One individual who wishes to lead such change is Jacob Newman. Newman is a man of ambition and a compassionate heart for the people of the United States. With his professional background in generating revenue as an investment educator with and the CEO of Kingmaker Productions, Newman has set his sights on accumulating the experience and knowledge necessary to take the U.S. back to its roots. Back to what once made this country “great.”

Who is Jacob Newman?

Currently, Newman is the CEO of Kingmaker Productions and – but he has plans for much greater ventures. In 2019, Newman founded Kingmaker Productions, a finance company aimed at helping the average person learn how to invest while encouraging them with reminders of just how accessible and plentiful investment opportunities are. The company’s purpose is to teach each and every individual who is open to the offered lessons that It doesn’t take millions of dollars to identify growth opportunities and create wealth for oneself. We all deserve to sit on the same seat of luxury, not at the expense of others, but to the benefit of all. 

Kingmaker Productions is also geared toward teaching new investors how to pursue portfolio diversification, making even existing investors better at what they do. The team leading the Kingmaker educational programs shares their expert insight on market knowledge to give their students an edge in interpreting market trends and signals to best guide their investment strategies and decisions. There are various asset classes that, over time, aim to improve upon risk-adjusted returns as it compares to a single asset class investment. 

Newman earned a substantial amount of notoriety in late 2019 by becoming one of the foremost purveyors of cryptocurrency on social media, expanding his reach in financial awareness and investment education to the social media sphere. This year, his growth continues. Newman’s entrepreneurial endeavors have expanded as he ventured into, setting his sights on future cannabis stock investing. 

This is of great significance, as the United States is currently navigating these shaky waters. Once a staple crop of the colonies, marijuana has become a divisive substance over the last hundred years. Now that 11 states have legalized recreational and/or medical use of the substance, however, Newman is one of many who recognize its market potential. 

In these ventures, Newman has partnered up with the following programs, offering long- and short-term investment programs run by day traders and AI systems:

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation
  • Canntrust
  • Aphria
  • Hexo
  • GW Pharmaceuticals
  • Cronos Group

The revolutionary technology driving the programs is primarily a High-Speed Quantum technology, running in conjunction with AI Smart Problem Solving Algorithms to offer incredible Auto-Trading solutions. Because of the volatility of the medical cannabis market, the automatic trading tools will allow investors to keep up with the unpredictable fluctuations of investment and selling patterns.  

Newman believes that cryptocurrency and monetizing marijuana will be some of the best vehicles of revenue generation in the new decade. His eye for the future and inclination to extend opportunities for financial growth and stability to others, despite social stigmas, gives him the edge and socioeconomic awareness to work toward one of his biggest future aspirations: earning the presidency of the United States.

Hope for Remediation in America’s Political Future

Newman’s ultimate goal is to reach a position wherein he can sell his company and gain footing in the political arena. His ambition is to eventually become the youngest president of the U.S., driven primarily by his observation that the current system is deeply corrupted by both politicians and lobbying by large corporations. He does not currently identify with a political party, and wishes to see better representation of all Americans, especially those who do not fall into the mold of entirely “conservative” or “liberal.”

Inspired by the belief that the country needs to get back to its older, more foundational governmental values, Newman feels that the American government should ultimately aim to abolish career politicians by enacting term limits, and normalizing transparency among politicians and accountability to the American public. Underlying his ideology is the belief that the country has strayed from the principles that once made the nation great, such as:

  • E Pluribus Unum (“Out of many, one”): As he leads inclusive educational programs to bring wealth to all citizens of the U.S., Newman has demonstrated that he has a heart and mind for all people, aiming for equal wealth distribution and representation for all.
  • A government of the people, by the people, for the people: Newman believes that the U.S. has been corrupted by career politicians, not interested in the representation of American people, but their own interests. Instead of pandering toward large companies, Newman would work to create an executive branch that represents all Americans, no matter the political party they identify with. He even believes that the U.S. is in need of a new party, to better represent the values of all citizens, even if they do not fit into a “conservative” or “liberal” mold. 
  • “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free:” This phrase is etched on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, representing what was once the ultimate goal of American leaders. This country was meant to be a space where people could immigrate and find hope and a future. Newman’s work as an educator and influencer in finance has shown him the socioeconomic struggles citizens of the U.S. are faced with. Gaining a foothold in the political arena will enable him to apply that knowledge to change even more lives in the U.S.

Newman is a man with a diverse background, offering unique insight and a sincere heart to the role of serving the American people as a politician. His past in entrepreneurship, financial outreach and education, and stock investments have clued him into the socioeconomic struggles of a wide variety of demographics, a trait that will serve him well as a leader in the U.S. As he uses these years to prepare to the opportunities ahead, Jacob Newman will continue serving his community as an educator and influencer.

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